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About Mads Makings

How it’s Made: Our Products

The goal of Mads Makings is to share fun, quirky (and sometimes useful) projects that bring others the same joy that went into each piece’s creation. Creativity, curiosity, enthusiasm, and sometimes cussing (needles really f***ing hurt) make all items truly handmade and unique.

High Quality

10+ years of experience ensures each finished product is something to be proud of.

Unique Gifts

Give the gift of a handmade item without the time or hassle of learning yourself.

Eco Friendly

No production facilities, just a woman with her cats using eco-friendly packaging.

Product Satisfaction

Items aren’t hidden behind flashy photos. Like what you see? That’s what we send.

Support Artisans

Materials from artisans are highlighted to show support to all creators involved.

Get Up Close

In-Person Shopping

Mads Makings primarily offers products through event-based opportunities. However two physical locations specifically stock our range of dice bags. For notifications of events, sign up for email updates or follow us on social media!

In-Store Locations

In partnership with Affinity for Gaming, dice bags can be viewed and purchased in person at either of their 2 Illinois locations.

Craft Fairs

Mads Makings participates in an array of craft and art fairs, making appearances based on product availability and scheduling. We strive to engage with our audience directly, showcasing our creations at these events whenever possible.


Explore our diverse range of products designed with the gaming community in mind. These collections are showcased and available for purchase at a selection of exciting conventions. Join us to find the perfect companions for your gaming journey.

Product Spotlight

Crocheted Dice Bags

Understanding the love of TTRPGs and the habit of collecting dice, creating fun, epic and unique dice bags is a specialty of Mads Makings. Follow us on social for updates on events and conventions we’ll be attending!

Since 2018

A Local Game Store Partner

Affinity for Gaming has been a valued partner of Mads Makings for 5 years and counting. Visit one of their 2 locations to shop dice bags while also supporting a great local game store!

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